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Fit For Fall Challenge

Starting September, 2019

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Could This One Simple "Challenge" Completely Revolutionize Your Entire Diet to Allow You to Live in a State of Boundless Energy, Shred Fat, and Have a Community of People Helping You Every Step of the Way?

Read on if you're serious about building a body you're proud of...

If you found your way to this page, you are most likely a motivated person that has a common goal amongst our followers – which is to live a healthy life. Whether that means to lose weight, feel more energetic, or surround yourself with supportive, like-minded individuals, allow me to cheerfully acknowledge that you have come to the right place! :)

Right off the bat, I'd like to immediately tell you two valuable success tips that you should know on your journey to living the good life – whether you decide to opt-in to the challenge or not...

The first success tip sounds like common advice but is so seldom followed, and that is you can never "out-exercise" a lousy diet.

There are far too many people out there who justify their rigorous workout regime to continuously eat junk, but the fact is, it takes minutes to consume hundreds of calories, but can take hours of dedicated exercise to burn off that same amount!

If you've ever been on a treadmill that counts calories, you know how long it can take to burn off even 100 calories... it only takes a few minutes to eat a couple of pizza slices that contain HUNDREDS of calories that must be burnt off...

The second success tip is certainly easier said than done, but it's something so critical to your success, and that is when it comes to weight loss and living a healthy life, consistency is more important than anything.

This process is like running a marathon; not running a 100 meter dash and then calling it quits...

If you eat super clean and exercise rigorously for 4 days in a row, and then simply go back to your old behaviors from the past for the rest of the month – you will NOT see a noticeable change in your body or your health.

Anyone who has gotten serious results with body transformation knows that it takes patience and focus in order to become a reality...

This is exactly why we created this 30 Day Fit For Fall Challenge for Our Users!

In a basic sense, it covers the two stumbling blocks that we stated above when it comes to weight loss, and living a healthy life.

1) The program actually delivers meal replacement shakes straight to your home! There are 68 meal replacements to consume over the span of 30 days, so there's no need to think about eating junk and later "out exercise" your way back to your original calorie level.

2) The program THRIVES on consistency, which is the ultimate way to make this lifestyle becomes a reality. We deliver all 68 meal replacements to you to make sure you build the habit of healthy eating, and give you access to a supportive community to hold you accountable to your progress!

This is All Done With Your Very Own Isagenix System!

You're Probably Wondering, What is this "Isagenix System"?

Without getting too detailed, the short answer is that it’s a life-changing nutritional system that works holistically to make your body look, feel, and operate at its best!

Between the different products and aspects of the system, Isagenix helps people lose fat and inches around their waist leading to the release of toxins stored in fat cells, it helps people in the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass, supports metabolism, and most importantly it helps people feel the amazing benefit of feeding their body great nutritional shakes.

It’s essentially weight loss through nutritional cleansing - with most diets, you lose muscle and see a decrease in metabolism.  However, with Isagenix you see an increase in lean muscle and have an increase in metabolism!

The best part, it’s backed up by science! See this link for a more in-depth review of the scientific research compiled on this special nutritional program!

Thus, the entire structure of this program revolves around 30 Day Isagenix System...

But by no means is this "all you get!"

A vital aspect of this program would be the COMMUNITY SUPPORT that's involved – because those whom you surround yourself with is equally important than your diet, even if the community is virtual!

If your five friends eat fast food junk daily, and you associate yourself with them, you will feel compelled to join them and participate, despite your desire to lose weight!

On the other hand, if you are part of an entire community is sharing their success stories, congratulating you on your progress, and holds you accountable to stick to the program, you will feel compelled to stick with the Isagenix System!

To summarize, the process works like this:

How does it work?


Introduce yourself

We want to know your health and wellness goals so we can support you in creating healthy lifestyle change for good!


Choose challenge pak

Based on your goals we will help you choose the best Isagenix pak that will help you achieve them.


Accountability & support

The best way to stay motivated and create lasting lifestyle change is by doing it with a community of others who have the same goals as you!

Once you sign up to the 30 Day Challenge, it includes:

  • Complete nutritional cleansing system (replace 68 meals)
  • Personal coaching and support
  • Private facebook community support group
  • Accountability to keep you motivated and on track
  • Shared recipes and meal planning support
  • Optional healthy mind and body program

The Isagenix program is long-term, and we like to build a lasting relationship and trust with our community members.

Therefore, unlike other weight loss programs, our marketing does not rely on hype promising a “magic pill” that will get you to lose 20 pounds within the next three days...

We cannot promise that you’ll have a certain body fat percentage, or guarantee you to lose a specific number of pounds lost by a precise date...

In all honesty, we can supply you the products and give you all of the community support, but the action of consuming the products and participating still must be taken on your end!

However, what we can convey are well documented benefits that we continually hear from our members who take the challenge, and they are:

  • Release healthy pounds and inches
  • Feel more energetic and alive
  • Improve your physical performance and increase lean muscle
  • Increase your mental clarity and focus
  • Reduce your cravings and improved digestion
  • Private facebook support and accountability group to keep you motivated and on track

If you deal better with pictures, check out below for some of the "before and after" shots of our members!

"I didn't know anything about it, but knew that I needed to transform my health—that was number one, because I kept doing everything by my-self and that just wasn't working."

-Erin P.
(Lost 24 pounds)*

"My trainer suggested we do the Challenge, so that is exactly what I did to hold myself accountable," remembers Abby, "I saw that I needed to change my lifestyle."

-Abby G.
(Lost 22 pounds)*

"I noticed that people who weren't using Isagenix were tired and cranky," Thai recalls. He, on the other hand, "was full of energy, feeling good and ready to go." And, that's the way he feels every day, thanks to Isagenix.

-Thai L.
(Lost 18 pounds)*

"I've always been a top achiever. As a Challenge Finalist," he beams, "my transformation transcended across my weight loss, healthy aging, and energy and performance goals.

-Randy F.
(Lost 69 pounds)*

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first 9 days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

So what are you waiting for?

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Therefore, if you want to live a healthy and vibrant life, it's in your best interest to simply sign up and learn more about Isagenix!

I'm sure you will make the right choice ;)

P.S. – This program is proven to get real results with real people, and it's also backed up with scientific research! Make sure to join the challenge if you want to get noticeable results and get backed up with a supportive community! If you’re still on the fence, make sure to sign up to learn more about the program and receive free health tips!

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